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HIGHLY DE-CLASSIFIED; This space is intended for the volition
of any auditory or visual stimulus that I encounter. I use it
as a dumping ground for ideas, images, moving images, songs,
moods, and anything else that I find and want to keep within my
creative lexicon for further use. None of this media is my own.

Filing Cabinet.


Impossible 3D Structures

Drawing Machine

UNA FAMILIA // LOWRIDER from Stephen Brooks FILMS on Vimeo.

The Making of "Hero" from Miguel Endara on Vimeo.



Milky Way Time-Lapse

An amazing (and amazingly simple) time-lapse by William Castleman of the Milky Way galaxy passing over Texas.


More Jude Buffum.

Jude Buffum's Awesome 8-Bit Art

Jude Buffum is a really cool illustrator/graphic designer, his 8-bit artwork is really inspirational I think. See more here --->

8-Bit Metal: Dr.Zilog

The best of 8-bit metal, and it sure is goood.


Building the Eames Lounge Chair.

More great Eames' industrial design.

Building an Eames Chair.

The amazing industrial design of Ray and Charles Eames.


Form finding in processing.

processing particles - relaxation form finding 2 from nils seifert on Vimeo.

Really coo video...

Form finding in processing.

- relaxation of a triangulated surface
(+ deformation in x/z direction, gaussian blur filter (smoothing) on the y values)
- pdf export
- cnc laser cutting
- model making



Return To Forever - Romantic Warrior

Return to Forever performs "The Romantic Warrior" for the Old Grey Whistle Test studio audience in 1976.

Return to Forever is:
Chick Corea - Piano, Synthesizer
Stanley Clarke - Double Bass and Bass Guitar
Lenny White - Drums, Percussion
Al Di Meola - Guitar

Pikes Peak Film, 1990


The monsterous TVR Speed 12

One of the coolest cars in the world, the monster that is the TVR Speed 12. Just check out that left foot braking!

Rock Fujiyama

Paul Gilbert vs. Marty Friedman. The fact that this took place and this video exists blows my mind. Japan rocks

effortless skill

Just wait until you see what he pulls out at the end of all that.

....Duh he just did that. What did you expect?

Classic Paul Gilbert

Some ultra-classic Paul Gilbert lessons back from his hair days. Green screen backgrounds don't get any better than this. Nor do guitarists


The Next BMW Art Car!

So for as long as I have been in love with BMWs,  I have been in love with their long-standing (I believe almost 30 year) tradition of the Art Car. From Roy Lichtenstein to Alexander Calder to Andy Warhol, some amazing artists have produced some of the most intriguing and flat out coolest car liveries ever, and of course they grace the skin of some of BMW's finest "M" cars. I had an earlier post covering most of them. The latest one has just been released, and although at first glance it seemed to overplay modern generic graphic design cues about speed and the passion of driving blah blah, it is quickly growing on me. And of course it is on one of BMW's Sebring-prepped M3 GT2s, very suitable given the heritage of the previous art cars. Artist/designer Jeff Koons is responsible for the latest installment:

A short video covering the release:


Vine Deloria Jr.

"For the wheel of Karma grinds slowly, but it does grind finely. And it makes a complete circle."



Stevie Ray

The man doing what he does best. A really insightful look into one of the most under appreciated guitarist the world has ever seen.


One of the many great scenes in It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World.

The Hustler

The climactic final scene, along with the inspiring "being in a flow state of mind" scene. One of the greatest movies.

Rest In Piss

A real MC, showing how it needs to be done. This is not today's hip hop.

The best video on youtube.

Dana Kunze - High Dive King


Le Mans.
Astronaut of the imagination
Astronaut Gordon Cooper

The last man on the moon

Astronaut Gene Cernan

This is a model.

Michael Paul Smith constructs and photographs incredible hyperrealistic scale models, almost exclusively of 50s street scenes. Check out his amazing flickr account here


LeSpecs Ad

After having mine stolen (along with lots of other stuff from my house) I miss my lespecs a lot. Here's a cool ad from them - v. controversial for the time.