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HIGHLY DE-CLASSIFIED; This space is intended for the volition
of any auditory or visual stimulus that I encounter. I use it
as a dumping ground for ideas, images, moving images, songs,
moods, and anything else that I find and want to keep within my
creative lexicon for further use. None of this media is my own.

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Incredible Documentary

I recently watched this documentary on Google Videos (they have almost all parts I believe) and it was absolutely perfect. It tells the tale of the BBSes (Black Board Systems) that were precursors to the internet and electronic mail, and is basically one of the best accounts of geekdom ever created. I was completely unaware of the existence of these systems until now because of the generational gap, and so if you are at all interested in technology or computers and know nothing about this, please watch it! You will be very intrigued...

The BBS Documentary Website

Here is a link to Part 1 on Google Vids