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The Next BMW Art Car!

So for as long as I have been in love with BMWs,  I have been in love with their long-standing (I believe almost 30 year) tradition of the Art Car. From Roy Lichtenstein to Alexander Calder to Andy Warhol, some amazing artists have produced some of the most intriguing and flat out coolest car liveries ever, and of course they grace the skin of some of BMW's finest "M" cars. I had an earlier post covering most of them. The latest one has just been released, and although at first glance it seemed to overplay modern generic graphic design cues about speed and the passion of driving blah blah, it is quickly growing on me. And of course it is on one of BMW's Sebring-prepped M3 GT2s, very suitable given the heritage of the previous art cars. Artist/designer Jeff Koons is responsible for the latest installment:

A short video covering the release: