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HIGHLY DE-CLASSIFIED; This space is intended for the volition
of any auditory or visual stimulus that I encounter. I use it
as a dumping ground for ideas, images, moving images, songs,
moods, and anything else that I find and want to keep within my
creative lexicon for further use. None of this media is my own.

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BMW Art Cars

I have never been able to get over just how awesome BMW's Art Car project is. Established in 1975 by race car driver Herve Poulain, the debut car was painted by the awesomely incredible Alexander Calder, of whom I am a big big fan. There have been 17 cars so far, ranging from the incredible 3.0 CSL to the incredible 850 CSi. They are all incredible! The different periods represented by each artist, the different styles, they all serve to create one of the greatest automobile collections of all time. Other big names include Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Ken Done, and Robert Rauschenberg, among many others.