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Tony Jaa: Martial Arts MASTER

So I just finished watching Ong Bak (the first one) and after being turned onto Tony Jaa and his crazy antics last week through Ong Bak 2, I am once again in awe of his absolutely jaw dropping raw talent, athletics, and general badassery. I don't know how many flying knees to sternums or elbows to the top of the head I saw but it was well into the millions, just the way I like it. Ong Bak 2 is basically a more action packed, more epic version of Ong Bak 1, but with way more crazy characters and a much better/more interesting plot. However Ong Bak 1 does have a bad guy who speaks thai through an electronic voice throat thing, and it is hilarious. Anyway it all makes sense when you realize this is how Tony Jaa works out:

Watch Ong Bak 1 and 2 if you get the chance, it'll be the best decision you've made this week.